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jerome napp
Tarpon Springs, FL
Online and phone consulting: $75 - $99 per month. Diagnositc and therapuetic exercise protocols
I specialize in working with both begginer and master athletes - with a focus on injury prevention and rehab. Pain is NOT a motivator and you can not progress when training hurts
COACHING PHILOSPY Coaching is both a science and art. An effective coach recognizes the importance of training for human performance as well as understanding the mental/emotional factors that the athlete brings to the starting line. Endurance events such as the marathons, triathlons, and long distance swimming require many hours of preparation toward peaking for a goal. Overtraining is a constant threat to the athlete and the coach needs to monitor the athlete closely. The coach must understand the importance of balancing training and rest toward maximizing performance. An effective coach is always looking for a better way in applying sound scientific principals.The coach has an obligation to the athlete to stay current on the available literature toward safe and effective training. Finally, coaching is a profession of love and respect. You cant coach people unless you love and respect them.

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