Coach Details

Maripat Glover
Aspire Coaching
Albuquerque, NM

Weekly programming for swim, bike and run along with reocvery.

Swim stroke analysis and instruction.

Personalized facilitated coaching of swim, bike and run.

Instruction and practice of quick and efficient transistions.

Race strategy, course review and on-site dayof race coaching. Along with post race analysis and discussion.

Strength training to benefit triathletes.


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Coach Maripat Glover at Aspire Coaching is here to help you meet your goals! Whether you are training for your first Sprint Triathlon or working to improve your Olympic or Long Distance Triathlons, Maripat can help you meet your goal. As an athlete and previously working mom, she knows the struggles of balancing a busy life with performance goals. She remembers buying her first bike in order to do a Sprint Triathlon. Every ride was her longest ride. The elation of crossing that finish line at her first Sprint Triathlon is a feeling she still remembers. Maripat has competed in running events from 5K’s to Marathons, cycling events from Time Trials to 24 hour mountain bike races, and countless multi-sport events including Xterra offroad triathlons.