Coach Details

Wesley Dede
Las Cruces, NM

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About Wes

I have been involved in sports for as long as I can remember. I started with team sports when I was young and eventually found my way into running and triathlon. I first became mesmerized with triathlon on a family vacation in a location which also just happened to be hosting an Ironman event.  I got caught up in the emotions of the participants and told myself, "I will come back and do this race."  Two years later, I stood at the starting line of that very race and finished countless hours later. 

Since that moment I have immersed myself fully in triathlon, becoming a student of the sport. I have a foundational knowledge ranging from triathlon products on the market today to race production. I constantly push myself and my limits to achieve the best results possible. I strongly believe in a healthy, active lifestyle. I hope to offer not only motivation and success, but also a sustainable way for many more to experience the physical and mental benefits of the sport like I have.


  • Degree in Exercise Sports Science
  • Minor in Nutrition
  • USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach
  • USA Cycling Level 3 Coach


I enjoy working with anyone willing to work hard and reach their goals in sport and life. 

Athletic Experience:

  • Ironman Finisher
  • Half Ironman Finishes
  • Xterra Off Road Triathlon Finishes
  • 40+ Triathlon Finishes