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Gary Lavin
Fitness Redefined
Jupiter, FL


At Fitness Re-defined, we customize our services to fit each individual’s needs because years of experience have taught us that a one-size-fits-all method doesn’t exist. Accountability and motivation are everything! Amenities mean very little when it comes to fitness success. We help you show up (the most important step!) and get the best workout possible in as little as 30 minutes!


Strength and conditioning for the endurance athlete


While a lawyer cannot refer to herself as such without graduating from law school and passing the BAR exam, a person can pay a fee and pass any test or course to call himself a personal trainer.

At Fitness Re-defined, you can rest assured that your trainer has the best qualifications in the field and has completed a rigorous training process in our exclusive, time-tested system. FR Team Trainers also operate under the guidance of fitness professionals, Gary and Marissa Lavin, who have not only personally invested in quality education but have been featured on the local and national level in magazine and news publications as well as in presentations for corporations, non-profit organizations and industry conventions.

We only get one body in this life and it has to last us a long time. Is yours in the hands of a true fitness expert?