Coach Details

Heather Shourds
JOY Fitness, Inc
Tampa, FL

ITCA Triathlon Coaching Certification

Fitness Assessments

Skill Assessments


Individualized weekly plan based on the prior weeks workouts

Injury Prevention

Run video analysis

Swim video analysis

Bike biomechanics

Assessments once a month

Meet with Coach once a month to talk about what's working and what's not working

Heather is very detailed and is very passionate about getting her clients their results!  Each client will have an individualized plan based on their needs.  



Weight loss

Endurance training

Triathlon Coaching

Run Coaching

Injury Prevention

Sports Conditioning 

2006 I was 230lbs.  I have lost 100lbs and have kept it off for 7 years.  I know how fitness has forever changed my life and I want to do the same for others!  I have been to USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals and ITU Worlds 2 yrs in a row.  I have won my age group numerous times.  I have come in first overall in 5ks.  I have done things and am still doing things I never thought I would!  I have done a lot of things and have accomplished a lot since I have been fit!  I can actually say my life has been completely changed and has done a 360 degree turn.  I am a Personal Trainer, Sports Conditioning Coach and a Triathlon Coach!  I never dreamed I would be doing these things!  But I am and doing them with a high level of enthusiasm and passion!