Coach Details

Mitchell Kieffer
HardCharger Coaching & Personal Training
Virginia Beach, VA
Athlete initiated phone contact and email, personalized training plan, achedule revision, training zone analysis, technique/form analysis - video taping, bike fit/aerodynamics assessment & education, nutritional guidance/education, individual personal training, etc!
Triathlon Training, Marathon Training, Power/Olympic Lifting, Functional/Core Training, Body Toning, Sport Specific Training, Women Strength and Fitness, Weight/Fat loss, CrossFit Training
I am a Triathlon Coach and Personal Trainer in
Virginia Beach, Virginia, and the surrounding
areas.  I am in the Air Force serving on active
duty, stationed at Langley AFB, VA.  
I am the Sports Representative and Physical
Training Leader for over 500 DoD personnel.  I
have coached a number of different teams in
many different sports.  I led a team of over 100
members to the best physical fitness testing
levels  in their greater than 75 year history.  
Before my Permanent Change of Station with
the military, I was a Master Personal Trainer at
Gold's Gym, primarily training individuals.  I have
trained adults and adolescents, athletes at all
levels, and high profile individuals.