Coach Details

Scott Horns
Bella Multisport Coaching
Orlando, FL

PRO LEVEL- $95/month-4 week blocks, unlimited contact RUNNING- $40/month. IRONMAN DISTANCE PLAN-$225 MARATHON- $80 *All plans include a functional strength program and individual Yoga/ flexibility program designed by a certified yoga instructor to meet your specific needs. As well as an online training log.

TRIATHLON- sprint, Olympic, 1/2 Ironman, Ironman DUATHLON- sprint, long distance RUNNING- 5k-marathon

Achieving balance in life is essential to success. I will provide a challenging personal training program based on an individual's lifestyle which includes appropriate training, recovery, family and work. Being a quality athlete involves more than just training hard, it requires a certain level of ethics and state of mind. Finding and maintaining balance will result in longevity and success.