Coach Details

Sonni Dyer
Asheville, NC
Sonni Dyer, though Studio7Multisport, offers: Fully professional and completely customized on-calendar training programs for triathletes, cyclist, runners, duathletes, and endurance athletes from all disciplines.

**Customized training plans range from $25/wk to $169/wk. depending on the level of coach-contact and services.

 Coach/athlete 1-on-1 sessions (ie: power-specific bike-fit analysis, under-water swim-stroke assessment evaluations, Slo-mo-run-gait analysis, diet & event-nutrition counseling, etc..... Exercise physiology assessment testing (LT-testing, etc...)
---Athlete calendar planning, construction, & support 
---Analysis of Run-gait mechanics
---Swim-stroke videotaping and evaluation
---Nationally reccognized power & bike-fit specilist
---Event specific nutritional counseling and integrating dietary training/race consults
---Functional movement assessment and instruction
---Power meter use and instruction
---camps, clinics, 1-on-1' individual, group/team settings
---much more.........

As a former High-School State XC champion, NCAA All-Conference runner, former Cat-1/Pro-cyclist who raced in Europe, 2X National triathlon champion, and former ITU licensed professional triathlete, Sonni Dyer is one of the most established coaches in the mid-Atlantic region.

He began working with athletes as early as 1994, and one of his first athletes went on to become the youngest competitor in the U.S. Olympic cycling Time Trials in 96. Since then, Sonni has worked with athletes from all ages, sizes, abilities, and backgrounds. From first-timers who simply wanted to use multisport to lose professionals, National, & World a multitude of age-groupers in between. 

Selected as the Regional Athlete Development Coordinator and presenter at USATs own Level-1 Coaching Certification clinics, Sonni now coaches the coaches and provides coach-mentorship in an affiliate program through his company,

Sonni has training programs that start as little as $25/ well as more 'premium-&-personal' programs that include private 1-on-1 "coach-camps", swim-videotaping sessions, assessment testing, nutritional analysis....& much more.