Coach Details

Brian Grabowski
BMG Endurance LLC
Saint Peters, MO

At BMG Endurance, we want to be able to offer the most comprehensive services, while keeping them all affordable.   We offer different levels of service depending upon your individual needs.

 Plans offered can be created from couch to competition so they are created with the individual in mind. Some athletes need little to no guidance, others want to have the option for a more hand's on approach.  All of the service offered can accommodate your needs while including any current activities you already attend and enjoy.   If you have a Fitness class you love and don't want to give it up, you will not have to.   If you have a crazy daily schedule and time is hard to come by, we can provide training that will accommodate your schedule while you meet and exceed your goals.

Want to get a group together to train for an upcoming event ??  BMG Endurance can assist your group with a full training program that will help you stay on task to meet your goals while keeping it enjoyable for all.   Just contact us for our Group pricing so we can help you all achieve your goals.  

BMG Endurance started from the idea that there has to be a good way for beginner fitness enthusiasts, Multisport and Endurance Athletes to get fit, train and race while not devoting every waking moment to the pursuit.  I started like everyone else, a beginner with no background in the sports.  I did all the research and tested out all of the training techniques, first hand.  I did not have a Coach or any real guidance, so the process was slow (seemed way too slow at times).   I spent almost an entire year just figuring out what proper training "should" be and how to go about it.  It was a lot of time devoted to the understanding of the sports from it's Process and Science based side.  However, through that time, I learned to swim properly, bike efficiently, and run more economically.  Over the last 5 years, all of what I know was tested in real Training and Race situations   Now, it was time to help others...

 BMG Endurance is here for those that want to put in the hard work of training and achieving their goals, but with the guidance of someone that understands your path.  You can still experience the learning part of the sports but in a way where you are not devoting all you time to it.   With BMG Endurance, you can begin your journey with both feet on the pedals to get the most out of your training !!