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Chad Zeman
C2 Endurance
Warwick, RI

One on One Coaching

Pre-Built Plans


We coach a variety of athletes from those who want to finish their very first triathlon or 5k to those who inspire to qualify for the Boston Marathon or Kona. Whether your goal is to achieve better results or set a new PR, nothing will get you there faster than a custom-tailored plan and regular input from an experienced coach! 

Inspired to be self-coached? We offer a variety of pre-built plans, from 5k to Ironman distance (some free!) so that you have somewhere to start!


Our plans focus on the Age Group athlete who works 40 hours a week, have families and other responsibilities. 


Plans are written by Coach Chad who has experience from past athletes (collegiate previsional qualifiers, national qualifiers, record holder, conference champions and more) and personal success. These are meticulously put together to put you on the road to success!

Arrive at a fork in the road and not sure what path to take? Use our consulting services for help!


Have questions related to your training or racing ? Need to dial in your nutrition? What about training with power or HR? In a slump and wonder whether you should push through or if you might be on the verge of overtraining? Wish you could just sit down with an experienced coach and get the answers you need? The coaching staff at C2 Endurance is here and ready to help!

Bronze Package
Price per 4 weeks: $100
Silver Package
Price per 4 weeks: $150
Gold Package
Price per 4 weeks: $200
Evaluation of past training

Includes everything in the 

Bronze Package, plus...

Includes everything in the 

Silver Package, plus...

Develop future goals specific to the 

individual athlete

Unlimited communication initiated

by the athlete via e-mail and weekly phone call

Unlimited communication 

initiated by the athlete via 

e-mail/text message

and weekly phone call

Bi-Weekly communication via e-mail or 

phone initiated by athlete

Guaranteed response from coach 

within 72 hours

Daily/Weekly log review
Bi-Weekly Training Log Review

Workouts are sent in one-to-four

week blocks, based on the 

athlete preference

We recommend a Heart Rate Monitor, GPS watch,

and/or Power Meter at 

this level of coaching

Detailed training plan to meet 

your needs

Coach feedback on Key Workouts

Detailed race plan including pacing,

nutrition, power and heart rate strategy

Race prep, taper plan, and post-race 

recovery plan

Course specific strategy for 

upcoming races

Unlimited Consultations

Monthly phone call to 

discuss new training 

needs or goals

We recommend a Heart Rate Monitor, 

GPS watch, and/or Power Meter

at this level of coaching

Unlimited Remote Bike Fittings

Includes a C2 

Endurance T-Shirt

Includes a C2 Endurance
tech T-shirt 
and shorts

Includes a C2 Endurance tech 
and shorts

No Set Up Fees!
No Set Up Fees!
No Set Up Fees!



Quarterly Package
Price per 12 weeks : $275 ($22.91/week)
(9 month minimum)

Price per 12 weeks: $250 ($20.83/week)
​(12 month minimum)

Price for 52 weeks (paid up front): 

$950 ($18.26/week) 

Minimalist Package

Price per 4 weeks: $50

Intensive interview with the athlete 
about needs, goals, wants 
​and past training.
For the One Sport athlete

Monthly phone calls initiated by athlete

Develop future goals specific to 

the individual athlete

Develop future goals specific 
to the athlete

Monthly responses to questions, 

concerns, and/or training needs

Every monthly call - Review of Training Log

Monthly Training Log Review

We suggest at least a Heart Rate 

monitor for this coaching

Detailed and Custom training plan

to either focus on the one sport 

or around multiple sports you 

are participating

Race prep, taper plan, and post race 

recovery plan

Race, prep, taper, and post recovery plan

Includes a C2 Endurance T-Shirt  

No Set Up Fees!

No Set Up Fees!



Training Program, Power, Pace, Heart Rate Evaluations. 

Suggested workout improvements. Race Strategies and more! 

Call or e-mail and we will help you reach your goal(s)!


4-6 Week Build, Block, or Taper Plan

Includes: Quick overview of last 8 weeks of training. 

Takes in account of race distance, course description, and 

travel. If you would like pacing strategies included 

such as FTP and HR metrics, there is an additional charge.

This does not include any analysis or communication.


Remote Video Bike Fitting

Take a 15 second side profile video of yourself biking on

an indoor trainer in the position you race and send via 

e-mail. You will also need let us know the distance, in inches, 

between hubs. C2 Endurance will send you, via e-mail, the 

angles you are currently riding and suggestions on improvements.

Each Remote Video Bike Fitting comes with 2 video synopsis.


12 Week Pre-Built Sprint Program
Includes: 12 week workout program including transitional, base,

build, peak and race weeks.


12 Week Pre-Built Olympic Program
Includes: 12 week workout program including transitional,

base, build, peak and race weeks.


12 Week Pre-Built 70.3 Program
Includes: 12 week workout program including transitional, 

base, build, peak and race weeks.

Triathlon Lifting Program - 12 Weeks
Improve core, arm and leg strength to become faster!

Here at C2 Endurance we strive to help you maintain a healthy balance between your workout/racing goals and your life. That’s why we have created such a wide array of different workout options for you. 


There is no "standard" and "bulk" plan for those who choose to be coached. Each individual is taken into consideration as an individual. In addition, age group athletes schedules change from one week to the next. Junk mileage? We don't believe in that! You have so many minutes in a day, and we are going to make sure that every minute counts!


We know it is a difficult decision in choosing a coach. That is why we offer a free consultation so each athlete has the opportunity to speak with Coach Chad prior to moving forward. 


As you tour our website, you’ll learn more about our one-on-one coaching services and the training plans we provide. We are based in Warwick, RI, but our athletes live across the United States. We are proud of our athletes, their accomplishments and the friendships we share. 

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