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Jennifer Vogel
Vogel Endurance Coaching
jacksonville, FL

At Vogel Endurance Coaching we subscribed to a holistic training module in both our group  and our one-on-one triathlon coaching. Our training plans utilize a periodized program in order to create specific stress, recovery and ultimately adaptations to the body and mind. We believe the mind and body are interdependent; changes in one cause changes in the other. The mind/body system has a certain capacity to adapt that varies from person-to-person. We focus on helping to create the awareness in the individual to truly understand the stress/recovery/ adaptation cycling within their own body. We do this by utilizing both Eastern and Western philosophies including but not limited to: Nutrition, PH monitoring, Stress management ,Core work, Yoga, Goal setting, as well as  aerobic and anaerobic training and triathlon specific skills

A sucessful coaching program needs generalists as well as specialists . The specialist is the one who focuses on the tree. The generalist understands the forest as a whole. For the 2014 season VEC is proud to partner with the following specialists in the Jacksonville area:


By utilizing these local companies VEC is able to create a preformance team around our athletes ensuring their success at triathlon.  To date we boast a 100% finish rate with our triathletes.


Group Coaching
 - Ironman
- women's specific 70.3

One-on-One Triathlon coaching

Ultra marathon coaching 

Jennifer has over 15 years experience in endurance sports, both on and off the playing field.  As a triathlon coach and yoga teacher, she inspires passion and leads by example. Her holistic mind/ body approach to training revolves around nutrition, periodized training, cross training, recovery and flexibility to help keep athletes injury free and achieving their goals. An accomplished ultra-marathoner, 8 x Ironman triathlete and 2011 & 2013 All American Triathlete, Jennifer is a huge proponent of practicing what you preach. She pulls heavily from her sports and Thai massage background to incorporate a holistic and balanced training program to a sometimes unbalanced sport. She believes in incorporating eastern and western philosophies in to triathlon training in order to produce a well rounded training model. The goal is not just the finish line but heath, well being and homeostasis beyond it. 



  • USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach

  • Academy of Somatic Healing Arts: Sports Massage

  • Thai Institute of Healing Arts- Thai Massage

  • NASM Personal Trainer

  • RYT 200 hour Yoga Teacher