Coach Details

SwimLabs Swim School
Lake Forest, CA

Private and Semi-Private Lessons at our indoor, warm water facility.

We work with people from 1-years-old learning how to swim, to the most elite athletes.

At SwimLabs we use the most advanced video technology available to analyze your stroke in ways you’ve never experienced before. Every analysis at SwimLabs begins with you, speaking with one of our experienced coaches about your swimming goals. Once you are in our constant current SwimLabs Pool, you will swim as your coach records a 360-degree view of your stroke using Dartfish Video software.  The in-depth analysis includes comparative video from our showcase library, a library filled with some of the best swimmers in the world today.  Using this video, your coach will show you what these athletes do that makes them so effective, and how you can adjust your technique to improve your performance.  At the end of your session, your coach will create a multimedia presentation that highlights the analysis and drills done during your session to assist you during your practice.