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Matias Gutknecht
Tri5280 Multisport Coaching
Denver, CO

I offer personalized coaching for colorado athletes only. I want to see and train with my athletes often and every schedule is built specifically for every athlete. I do not do cookie cutter or copy and paste coaching as no athlete is the same and therefor their training should not be the same. Please check out my website for further information and background and feel free to contact Tri5280 Multisport Coaching with any and all questions or coaching inquiries.

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I have been involved in triathlon for 3 years now and I am pursuing both coaching and racing on a professional level. I am thrilled to be involved with an amazing local youth program that introduces and develops our youth in the sport of triathlon. A large portion of my day is spent personally training while the rest is dedicated to furthering my knowledge and certifications in the sport while coaching both adults and kids. Further background and information can be found on my website at