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Kerry Simmons
Kerry Simmons Tri
Lake Mary, FL

Kerry Simmons Tri offers Individualized Weekly Triathlon Training Programs 

Kerry designs every workout, every program, every week specifically for YOU.
Each individualized weekly training program is designed for your talents, fitness level,
training schedule, races, goals and your success.

They are not monthly programs.  They are not programs that you download off of a site. They are not general programs written for a particular race. No two programs are alike.

Kerry personally structures every program week to week as a progression based upon what you have done the previous week.  She keeps in regular contact with her athletes, reviews all data logs and knows exactly where you are in your training so she can design the following week's program.  Each program is highly detailed with time, distance, paces, effort levels, watts and /or heart rate zones to make sure you are getting faster every week. 

Kerry Simmons Tri offers Swim Stroke Correction using underwater videotaping.

With the use of the GO PRO Hero video camera, Kerry films you from above and below the surface of the water and at different angles.  She then takes you out of the water to review your video and discuss any flaws.  You will then be given drills, tips, and visual cues to make the necessary corrections.  You will be filmed a second time and any further corrections will be made.  After the lesson, you will be given a copy of the video on DVD so that you may review it on your computer.  You will also be provided with a written evaluation of your stroke and how to make corrections when swimming on your own.

Kerry  offers private swim lessons for the individual or small group.

Kerry Simmons Tri also uses the GO PRO camera to analyze your run gait, including foot strike, cadence and efficiency.

Kerry Simmons Tri welcomes athletes with all levels of skill from beginner to elite, sprint triathletes to Ironmen, first time finishers to podium winners.

If you want to race it, we will train you for it!

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Kerry Simmons Tri is committed to providing you with the highest quality of personal multisport coaching to help achieve your triathlon goals.
No other coach in the Central Florida triathlon community has achieved greater success
on the local, national and world level including:


2016 Florida Regional Champion ​    

2016 USAT Regional AG Champion                                                                       2015 USAT Nationals Double Medalist
2015 Top 5 Sprint World Championships

2015 USAT Nationals 2x Medalist                                                                   10 Time All American Triathlete
8 Time Team USA Member
Raced in Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman and Aquathlon World Championships