Coach Details

Sergei Karaliou
Underground Gym
Red Bank, NJ

Private and semi-private training custom tailored to your individual needs with a professional Personal Trainer yields up to five times faster results than a “one size fits all” larger group sessions. 

Your Personal Trainer will design a comprehensive program based on your individual strengths and weaknesses and he will be able to immediately pinpoint and correct any technical mistakes, thus accelerating your learning process and weight loss.

Your Trainer will turn every Personal Training Session into a creative experience and will make sure that you are always moving towards your weight loss goals, motivating you and adjusting your training as needed.

Prolong Conditioning Training will requere 16 weeks X3/week programs as minimum commitment. Be ready to work hard so your race will be easy! 

Mobilization and rehab - depends on particular subject.

FMS( Functional Movement Screening ) - will identify your imbalances ( if you have any) to create appropriate training regime for an athlete.

Cross Country Skiing 10 years
Water Polo 2 years
Cycling 2 years
Swimming 2 years
Muay Thai 7 years
Kettlebell sport 3 years
United States Secret Service Snatch Test( 200 + snatches with 24kg in 10 min) Successfully accomplished and maintained for last 5 years.
Rehab and mobilization 7 years