Coach Details

Ken Szekretar Jr
Kenergy Fitness and Performance Training
New York City, NY

Specializing in fully customized training plans, limited spots for one on one coaching are currently available. I work hand in hand with my athletes to set, then help them achieve their training and racing goals. I offer initial testing and development of heart rate training zones and provide strength training routines to help athletes improve performance and prevent injury.  Additionally I can  provide race strategy development, including race nutritional and pacing plans.  

 I specialize in Olympic and half iron distance races, having qualified for both the 5150 and USAT National Championships the last three years.  Named Silver Ironman All World Athlete for 2013.

  I am an ACE and NASM certified personal trainer and a USAT Level 1 certified triathlon coach.  After graduating in 1998 from Stony Brook University with a BS in Biology I started my career in the fitness industry while living in Boulder Colorado.  I moved to New York City in 2002 and have built a successful personal training and coaching business based on the Upper East Side.  

   I work with athletes ranging from the newbie training for their first sprint to Ironman athletes looking for personal bests.