Coach Details

Tony Hammett
Peak Racing
Atlanta / Douglasville, GA

Tony coaches athletes who want to finish their first 5k all the way to Iron-distance triathlon. He has experience in coaching runners, cyclists, duathletes, mountain bikers and Cyclocross athletes. 

If you are also looking to understand or utilize a Power meter, Tony can assist you and make you a stronger and more efficient cyclist and triathlete. 

Tony also coaches the Dream Team Youth Atlanta triathlon team:

Additionally, Tony mentors and guides coaches or future coaches into becoming even better at their craft. He sees it as "coaching the coaches". 

Tony specializes in long course triathlon but has guided athletes to the short course World Championships as well.

Tony Hammett has been a lifelong competitor and endurance athlete.  After watching the Ironman World Championships on television at age 8, he told his family that he would one day finish an Ironman.  In 2004, Tony finished his first triathlon and was instantly hooked on the sport.  Wanting to give back to triathlon he became a student of the sport, learning the intricacies of coaching, motivating, and inspiring.

Tony believes open communication is the key component for the coach/athlete relationship to be successful.  He feels consistency and commitment to the overall plan prepares the athlete to cross the finish line, using an individualized and focused approach to training and racing.  With his many years as a Project Manager, Tony is a good listener who will keep you on-track with an organized, balanced approach.  If you want a motivator who will always be in your corner and guide you down the path to your goals, Tony is the right coach for you.