Coach Details

Jake Maulin
Naples, FL

Marathons, Ultras, Iron Mans.... If your blood boils over these events, then you're right at home with our founder. Jake fell in love with endurance sports and is an avid racer. So if you want to train for these events, TriJake is for you. We will find your weaknesses, drive them to strengths, and create custom training plans just for you.
If your goal is the Boston Marathon, a Turkey Trot, or simply to get more out of your cardio routine; we are on your team. Running is forever the purest form of athleticism and is a great way to improve your physic, as well as mental alertness. Join our running club. We hold running clinics, teach form, develop plans, strengthen & condition, and much more.
A common goal for most people is to lose weight. It all starts with a healthy plan and realistic goals which we can accommodate you with. Fitness can be fun, losing weight is exciting, but improving your health is timeless and rewarding. Live your life free to go anywhere and do anything.
Mediation is the path to enlightenment. It improves your mood, your focus and gets you in touch with your true self. Along that path you will discover a clear sense of being and a rich connection between you and the world. You will be launched onto a higher plain of living and your steps will have more purpose.

  • Triathlon training (sprint to Ironman distance)
  • Sports Performance
  • Marathon Training
  • Strength and Conditioning 
  • Meditation

I have a passion for healthy living and helping others. In my spare time I am an avid marathoner, tri-athlete and cyclist. What I truly enjoy is waking up in the morning with purpose, connecting with others and trying to help people find or reconnect their spark. At TriJake, we provide the arena, the information, and the service of helping others obtain purpose, freedom, and peace of mind. We do more than train your body to be in optimal shape; we train your body to shape your mind. Our aim is to simply serve you as best we can so that you can succeed in all that you do in life.