Coach Details

Brian Crow
Gainesville, VA
Adult Training Options: Hour sessions range from 75 to 60 according to sessions purchased. 1/2 Hour sessions range from 55 to 40 according to sessions purchased. Youth Training: Hour sessions range from 65 to 50 according to sessions purchased. 1/2 Hour sessions range from 45 to 30 according to sessions purchased. Online Coaching Plans are 100 a month. Swimming Lessons, Bike Lessons, and Running Lessons are charge per hour/half hour as per the Training Rates above.

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Brian has over 15 years experience coaching athletes in triathlons and general fitness. He holds a degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion and is certified by Coopers Aerobic Institute of Dallas Biomechanics of Strength Training, Coopers Aerobic Institute of Dallas Providing Dietary Guidance , Cycle Reebok Spinning Instructor, AAPHRED Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist, NASM Certified Trainer, USA Triathlon Coach, and is a Certified Heart Rate Training Specialist. Brian has also been sponsored by Amino Vital Since 2004-2008, and by Cavalier Logistics in 2007. He brings a positive and fun attitude to those he coaches and trains. Proper technique, a well planned exercise program and a strong desire to be the best are paramount in reaching maximum results.