Coach Details

John Coumbe-Lilley
River Forest, IL

Combined mental/emotional and triathlon skills training program
Online coaching and support

I specialize in delivering mental/emotional training programs combined with physical and technical preparation.

I concentrate my work with adults over the age of 19 years.

I have a broad skill set and range of sport expeiences including being a USOC registered sport psychology consultant (CC-AASP), NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a USA Triathlon Level 1 coach. I research and study the science of triathlon and I am the faculty mentor for the University of Illinois Cycling/Triathlon Club.

I take on few clients and prefer to concentrate rather than broaden my work. I typically work with 'A' type personalities that want to improve but have hit a plateau or want to freshen up their training with new ideas and ways of doing things.