Coach Details

Gareth Thomas
Los Angeles, CA

Coaching Services.

Coach Gareth offers custom coaching for athletes of all abilities. Custom training programs, nutrition and race fuel consulting. one2one coaching in swimming, cycling and running. for more infer visit 

Laboratory Testing and Analysis Services

TRIO is SoCals premier sports science testing and training facility. Designed by world-class endurance coach Gareth Thomas, TRIO is the result of over 20 years of testing and training athletes of all abilities, from all sports.

At the heart of the TRIO facility is a cutting edge, sports science laboratory. Here modalities such as Blood Lactate testing, VO2 assessments and Resting Metabolic tests get you training and fuelling your body with precision. In-depth video analysis services help you understand how to refine your biomechanics and techniques to gain speed and stay injury free. Nutrition services help you fuel your body with precision so that you have optimal energy and health while achieving your goal bodyweight.

Coaching for athletes of all abilities - Triathlon, Cycling and Running. 

Over the past 20 years, Gareth Thomas has earned the reputation of being a world-class endurance coach & athletic consultant. Highly qualified from advanced fitness and coaching skills to holistic therapies, sports psychology and nutrition, Gareth brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise to his clients. As an Ironman Triathlete and former member of Team Great Britain at the World Long Distance Championships, Gareth has a personal understanding of what it takes to perform. He couples this with a highly technical understanding of the science and practicalities of training. He is regarded as a leading authority on metabolic testing and its application to endurance athletes. He has recently launched the TRIO Performance Center, which is SoCals premier sports science laboratory and training facility.