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Adam Daniels
TriStar Athletes
Stamford, CT

Coached Plans
Swim Analysis
Gait Analysis
Cycling Skills
Functional Threshold Testing 
Metabolic Testing 
Nutritional Consultation
Race Strategies (pacing, nutrition)
Training Camps

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Triathlon - Sprint to Ironman
Running - 5K to Ultras
Swimming Technique

Pro Coach - Ultra Runner - Triathlete

The coaching we offer at TriStar is different.  We work with a limited number of athletes so that the attention each athlete receives is second to none. We get to know each individual personally and the maximum number of athletes for each coach is 15. The plans we create are not "cookie" cutter but rather based on intelligent season planning and goal attainment for each individual. We like it that way because the success rate is much higher!  Training plans and workouts are developed using Training Stress Scores (TSS) with focus on Critical Power, Critical Pace, and Lactate Threshold Heart Rate.

If you are not sure exactly where to get started, fill out our online coaching guide or email me any questions. Please don't hesitate to ask!