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Ricardo Miro
Triathlon Ironman
Apopka, FL
Athletes who work with a coach are more likely to see greater progress and goal achievement than athletes who train on their own. During your free consultation, we'll identify what's holding you back and goals you'd like to achieve. Then we go to work putting a plan in place to get you to your dreams. Learn how you will benefit by working with an experienced, qualified coach. I work with athletes of ALL ability levels locally and across the nation. My philosophy as a coach is to utilize my experiences to meet my athletes where they are no matter what their level of experience. The cornerstone of a successful coach/athlete relationship is the close partnership that is built on regular communication and feedback. After all, anyone can find a training plan. The value the coach provides is creating a custom training plan to fit the athlete, their goals, and life schedule. The open communication takes the guesswork out of implementation and execution. Introduction to Triathlon from Coach Perception 1. What would be an inspiring goal for you to work towards? 2. What specifically do you want to accomplish? 3. How could you rephrase that goal, so it depends only on what you do and not on others? 4. How will your life change as a result of working on this goal? 5. What's standing in your way? Cont…. 1. What's Standing In Your Way? If you can name it, you can claim it. Life and careers are full of roadblocks and naming the hurdles -- personal, professional or relational -- can help you begin to brainstorm what problem you really need to solve or help lessen the size of the barrier. With dialogue and coaching, you may realize it's not a real barrier at all, and you can find a way forward. 2. Can You Tell Me More? "Tell me more" is a great example of a versatile follow-up question that never disappoints. It's simple yet powerful. When asked genuinely, it signals your interest in the client's story and opens up space and psychological safety for them to express their mind. Additionally, it's a good way to challenge the client to dig deeper and cut to the heart of the matter. 3. What Will Happen If You Don't Take This Step? This is a client favorite. When using this question, I find we get to where we need to be: the core of the challenge and the hesitation someone feels. Sometimes a client can’t answer this question. That tells us we need to sit where we are (sometimes, literally and physically), and ask it again. 4. What Does Success Look Like? I like to ask this question because it helps a client stop and start visualizing what they want and see in their lives. Somehow, when we get older, our daydreaming stops. The client starts to articulate what they want to explore from a passion perspective and is starting to take action in creating the path they desire. Action is so key to goal setting. 5. What Are Your 'Five Whys?' Asking about their five whys is so simple, yet so powerful, as it gets to the root cause of whatever they are facing. In the first two to three answers to this question, my coaches are giving me a conscious answer — something that they have rationalized for years or maybe even decades. Once we go deeper, we get to the real reasons and the light bulb goes off. 6. What Are You Most Proud Of? I often ask clients to consider the moments they are most proud of. This question typically releases a flood of positive contributions and accomplishments, reaffirming personal value. Recognizing unique worth and identifying the areas where you made a difference bolsters confidence, spurs positive action, and drives energy back into your work and/or goals 7. What Do You Want? I ask all of my coaching clients what they want to get out of our time and work together. Then I tell them I am here to help them create the map that gets them there. The fundamentals of performance-based progress are never hard to find when we begin with what they are passionate about, and then help them step into a place of greater focus, peace and balance. 8. What Have You Done To Try To Solve The Problem? After a client describes their problem, I often ask them, "What are one or two things you've tried to solve the problem?" The question is also a good set up for follow up questions -- "Why do you think that didn't work?" or, "If you had to do it differently, how would you do it?" These reflective questions can often lead to an "a-ha" moment and the client solving their own problem. 9. What Are You Doing To Not Achieve Your Goal? Most clients come to me with big goals that they have yet to achieve even though they have had them for many years. So, I ask them this question: "What are you purposefully doing to not achieve this goal that is so important to you?" The question is valuable because it helps them recognize that they’re making choices every single day that will determine whether their hopes become realities. 10. If Your Main Obstacle Didn't Exist, How Would Your Life Look? This powerful question allows someone to engage in the possibility of overcoming whatever obstacle is stopping them from reaching their goals. For most people, it's fear. They get so stuck in that space that they think there is no way out. Getting them to verbalize how it would feel without that challenge allows their brain to bridge the gap and opens them up to find a solution. 11. What Do You Need Most Right Now? Many times, people fail to look at what is most important first. Asking the question, "What do you need most right now?" is powerful because it helps the person to prioritize what is most important and needs immediate attention. We all have limited time, so being forced to focus on the most pressing needs as well as delineate the order of less important needs is critical 12. What Will Things Look Like After You've Been Successful? What would "this" look like after you have been successful? How will you feel? The Future or Dream State question does two things: It helps you define what you really want out of a situation and it tricks your brain into feeling you have achieved your goal. When you visualize how you feel after you have already done it, you begin to feel that the task is easy to do 13. What Is The Most Important Thing In The World To You, And Why? It's surprising that most clients have never been asked this question and have to dig deep to discover their truth. This is the most valuable knowledge one can have about themselves, as it is their innate core driver, and once known and honored in all area's of ones' life, provides a quickened path to sustainable success. 14. What's Important About That To You? This question gets to the heart of what the person values. My clients will often take a long pause, and I'll see them searching to identify and understand what value the topic is triggering for them. It is incredibly powerful because we often have ways of operating, but we don't often look at the underlying principles that drive us. Often, our responses and actions are triggered by what we value. - 15. So What? I often ask, "so what?" to a client who is stuck on something that impacts them emotionally. Usually, the client takes some time to answer, and they recognize that the worst thing that could possibly happen just isn't that bad. Other times, there is a recognition that when they put words to the potential outcomes, there is room to take action, even just a small step, to improve their situation. 16. Why Not? Change meets resistance. All too often, this resistance is self-imposed. Responding to an “I can’t, won’t, shouldn’t” with “why not” challenges their reactionary response. It gives them permission to get past the surface layer block to get to the root of resistance. Then they can connect their authenticity, drivers, goals and this new perspective to move forward. Mission Statement As your coach, my goal is to provide you with the very best personalized coaching based upon realistic, mutually set goals designed to maximize your fitness and race performance with the least amount of training. Coaching Philosophy: You Are What You Think! Many triathletes train too much and are always tired. They are often times a “slave” to the training log and more concerned about quantity versus quality. My training approach is “Less is Better” and I stress frequency of exercise over duration. My training programs will eliminate the junk miles, allow you to train fewer hours, and help keep you mentally fresh and motivated. You will be able to increase your speed and race performance while minimizing burnout and risk of injury. My goal is for you to have your very best season and still be hungry to train again next year. Triathlon is a life style and I want you in it for the long haul. How do we do that? By incorporating a comprehensive training plan that accounts for your strengths and weaknesses, both mental and physical. I believe many athletes create self imposed artificial barriers that impede them from reaching their fullest potential. My job is to help you identify and minimize those obstacles and then design and implement a realistic training plan that focuses on your strengths. You don’t know how good you can be! I will constantly expect your very best effort in all you do. I emphasize the “Champion’s Mentality” of training and racing. Without the proper mind set you are handicapping your progress. I can help you maximize your improvement. Together we can make a great team striving towards your fitness and racing goals! I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service! Visa MasterCard Discover American Express 3 Month Minimum Coaching Program PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! $625 includes initial athlete consult, multi-discipline sport assessment, unique monthly training schedule, and personal phone (or email) contact. 6 Month Coaching Program PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! $1200 (includes all the above). Must be paid in full prior to initiating coaching. 1 Year Coaching Program PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! $2300 (includes all the above). Must be paid in full prior to initiating coaching. Month-To-Month Program PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! $230 includes all the above (and available only after 3 month minimum). Referral Program $50 off next month’s coaching fee (month- to-month program) or two weeks of additional training schedules for long-term programs (3, 6, and 12 month) for each referred athlete that initiates coaching. Family Plans Call for details on reduced pricing for 2 or more athletes.
Beginners, Long Course, Short Course, Youth and Junior
Ricardo started in triathlon in 2012. Upon planning my retirement, I was wondering what I was going to do with all this time off. So, I went to Walmart and bought me a road bike "Dinali". I felt riding a bike in the trail every morning. it wasn't till came across with a bike shop in Apopka "Spin City Cycling Apopka". I stopped by and met Peter, owner. He was a well experienced bike rider. He got me into my upgraded "Raleigh" bike. From that to "Bianchi SEMPRE". Back then all I was doing was riding daily and long trail distance, not having a clue was was ahead of the trail. From daily rides, I came across Spring Triathlon. Not having an idea, did my searches and interest in what swim, bike and run was all about. Having a background in swimming as a kid, cycling as well and military running, I did my first Sprint Triathlon in Clermont, FL. From that one, came the second, third and 4th, one month after another. Finished the series of 4. The experience is 4 months, which brought me to my first Ironman 70.3 in Haines City. From that first year, my interest in triathlon went 0-60! My interest in the sport grows immensely. Of course, my lifestyle changed. My life went from simply swimming, cycling and running, to learn how to improve in all 3 events. This meant, taking time to get knowledge and practice. From my first Ironman 70.3, came IMPR70.3, repeating HC70.3 several times over the years, to Ironman Maryland 140.6, Great Floridian Triathlon 140.6 in Clermont and Intimidator 70.3, Augusta 70.3, Chattanooga TN 140.3 and 70.3 and St. Anthony Olympic. This is just a few races. My goal is to be the oldest man (100 years old) racing in Kona, HI. Why did I decide to become a coach? Everything started when a 13 year old kid asked me about Triathlon and he got interested. I saw the potential on him, and invite him to swim, bike and run for a fun day. And I say to myself, you can do this. And here I am. My experience over the years has shown me that everything is possible as long as you are willing to give yourself an opportunity to prove your limits. You don't have to be the strongest or fastest in any sport. You just have to prove that deep in your inner there is potential to conquer your expectations in life. Who am I? My name is Ricardo Miro Flecha, born in San Juan, PR on January 7, 1962. I am a Veteran of the US Army and retired Federal Bureau of Prisons as Federal Councelor. I have been married to Edna Miró for 30 years.

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