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Alberto Hermoso Diaz
3 Bulls Endurance Coaching
Chicago, IL

nitial assessment, study of background and analysis of current fitness level

Fully customized training plan every 2 weeks

Unlimited adjustments to training plan

One 20 minute 1 on 1 call every week

Continuous communication through Whatsapp, text, email.

Race day plan and strategy for every race

Nutrition plan for every race

Long term training planning >6 months

Nutrition and hydration advice

Video analysis of swim technique

Video analysis of riding position (not a professional fit)

Video analysis of running form

Lower body strength test

Research and advice on new equipment 

Triathlon for all levels with broad expertise in swimming.

I am a passionate triathlete with over 18 years of experience in the sport. Throughout my journey, I have raced in a wide range of events, from sprint draft legal races to the prestigious Ironman Kona. I find joy in each discipline of triathlon and have completed open water swims, pool meetings, cyclocross races, and even a few marathons.

        After dedicating many years to my own athletic pursuits, I decided to give back and help others who are just starting on their triathlon journey or are trying to unlock their potential. Triathlon has brought me immense fulfillment, and I love sharing that same joy with people that are new to the sport or are setting new goals.

        With my extensive experience, I offer valuable guidance and support to triathletes of all levels. Whether it's providing training strategies, sharing insights on each discipline, or offering tips for different race formats, I am here to assist others in achieving their goals.

My passion for triathlon and my understanding of open water swimming, cycling, and running make me well-equipped to help aspiring triathletes navigate the challenges and rewards of the sport. By sharing my knowledge and experiences, I hope to make a positive impact and help others discover their own love for triathlon.

I am excited to support and guide triathletes as they embark on their race journeys. Together, we can work towards achieving their goals and experiencing the incredible satisfaction that comes with participating in triathlon.

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