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Bettina Warnholtz
Racelab LLC
Gilbert, AZ

Triathlon, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Hiking, Ultrarunning.

  • Individually designed Training Schedule 

  • Coached group sessions (technique, form, speed, pacing)

  • Heart - Rate based 

  • Unlimited communication with the coach

  • Training Log Review - Weekly

  • Schedule adjustments (as needed)

  • Race Readiness and Strategies (Heart Rate Based)

  • Initial Technique Assessment 

  • Ongoing Goal Assessment

First-timers, age-groupers, elite

With more than 23 years of experience, Bettina is the premier Running and Triathlon Coach in Arizona. She is the heart and soul of Racelab and takes pride in each and every one of her athletes and their performance. The task of developing customized training programs for all levels of athletes and applying the most appropriate coaching techniques to each individual has significantly added to her experience and knowledge. Her passion for the sport and the promotion of fitness at all levels has driven her to not only keep on top of the latest training methods but also continuously study and learn from sports physiologists, physical therapists, elite athletes, renowned coaches (like Mark Allen, Rodolfo Gomez, Bobby McGee). 

Born in Mexico City, she moved to Germany in 1990 with her family. In 1994 she came to Phoenix where she started her coaching career. By May 2000 she and her husband, Gus, became the owners of Racelab. Around this time she also earned a second-degree Black Belt in traditional Japanese Karate.

Her multicultural mindset, disciplined approach, and ability to speak three languages fluently have helped her to develop a sensitive and open way of communicating with a diverse group of people, giving her a significant advantage in her coaching career.

She has individually coached thousands of athletes of all levels of experience and ability... First-timers to Professionals and Gold-medal Olympians.

She is a certified USA Triathlon Coach and one of the only coaches in the US who has earned the ITU Level II AND Endurance Level II Certification.

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