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Hector Cabezas
Kinepro Triathlon Coaching
West Palm Beach, FL
My Online-based triathlon coaching service utilizes concepts of biomechanics and exercise physiology to create a unique and personalized workout. I also provide discipline specific plans if the athlete is interested in Open Water Swim races, Marathon or half Marathon. One on one field training for each discipline can also be provided depending on the location of the athlete at an added cost. My workouts will improve all basic and advanced fitness abilities to get you ready for your next race. There is no one size fits all in the world of triathlon. I work with my clients to quantify their goals and make training plans that are suitable for them. As a Doctor in Physical Therapy and an athlete I know how important injury prevention is in the sport arena. Injury during training sessions will interfere with the training process and race readiness–ultimately increasing the level of frustration and stress on the athlete. To better achieve race fitness goals I provide you with a personalized functional/biomechanical assessment in order to establish workouts and training programs that include injury prevention strategies.
Beginners, Clydesdale/Athena, Long Course, Short Course

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