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Dorette L. Franks
Trifiniti Endurance
Fairfax, CA
Global & National Coaching - Age Group, Amateur-Elite - Sports Nutrition & Hydration - Weight Management, Body Composition, Hydration) - Physiological Testing & Performance & Resting Metabolic Rate Testing - FTP Cyle Rx - Run & Swim Video Analysis - Camps & Clinics
Long Course, Short Course, Women Specific
Masters of Nutrition and Human Performance Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Bachelor of Science in Dietetics with a focus in Exercise Physiology -Founder, NUTRITION pH - Co-founder, Trifiniti Endurance - Triathlon coach, 2006 - USA Track & Field, 2004 - Ultra-distance Triathlon (Ultraman, Ironman, Half-Iroman - Ultra cycling (Time Trial & RAAM [Nutrition support/crew] - Marathon + Open Water Swimming (cold/water; lake, river, bay) - Women's Triathlon - Nike Women's Marathon, Head Coach 2005 & 2007 - Golden Gate Triathlon Club, Head Track Coach + Ironman (Long-Distance) Coach, 2007 to 2014

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