Coach Details

Gregg Seltzer
Triability Coach
Chino, CA

We specialize in training master's age amateur triathletes, as well as cyclists, runners, and those just wanting personal training in the gym. The type and level of training is personalized based on what the individual wants to achieve. Instead of offering specific plans with set prices, we provide a buffet allowing the athlete-client customization and adaptability.

We provide training for masters athletes looking to compete in a variety of athletic endeavors; from sprint to full-course triathlons, and all distance in-between. We also cater to the cyclist, road and/ or trail runner, and open-water swimmer.  We also offer personal training for full-body fitness and composition management. 

Gregg Seltzer is the founder and coach of Triability Coach, an athletic studio specializing in coaching, advising, and training master's age amateur athletes. He is a USAT, USAC, and USATF certified coach, and personal trainer. Gregg competes in a half-dozen triathlon races annually, and is a crazed trail racer in the off-season. Reach Gregg at [email protected] for comment, feedback, questions, or for training arrangements. You can also follow him at Our phone number at Triability Coach is 800.884.2194.