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R Adam Lee
South Jordan, UT
Coaching - All Distances, Swim Lessons (video analysis), Casual Bike Fit
Beginners, Clydesdale/Athena, Long Course
Adam’s first triathlon in early 2015 was sparked by a challenge from his younger brother. Since then, he has been hooked and gone on to complete dozens of triathlons including the St. George Ironman (70.3), Oceanside Ironman (70.3) and Ironman Texas (140.6). His passion for the sport and the community brought him to the SLTC. His natural personality is to help anyone who asks and receives satisfaction from others succeeding. For credibility and knowledge, he started the path to becoming a Triathlon coach and is now certified and excited to share the journey with others wanting to take on the challenge of triathlon. His goal is to help triathletes meet their race goals with a smile.

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