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Stefanie Cain
Cain Coaching
Lexington, SC

I offer online coaching to beginner as well as intermediate athletes looking to get started or delve into the endurance sport world.  I work with triathletes, runners and swimmers, and although the sport of strictly cycling isn't my expertise, I do coach a few competitive cyclists.  I help athletes work around injuries as well as rehab from them, and coach women on how to use the monthly cycles to capitalize on training and physical gains each month.

I've been a USA Triathlon Certified Coach since 2012, and I have been working with athletes since then to help them achieve their triathlon and endurance goals.  My primary focus has been on beginners and intermediate level athletes, injury recovery, "making a comeback" and helping women understand training and their cycles.  I have a background in swimming, and am also a USA Master's level 2 swim coach in addition to being an American Colleges of Sports medicine certified Exercise Physiologist. 

I have a background in personal training, swim coaching as well as leading group fitness classes.  My degree is a BS in Biokinetics from Eastern University in Philadelphia as well as a Master's in Public Health from the University of South Carolina. I enjoyed competing and racing triathlons myself from 2009 to 2018 and then took a temporary hiatis to focus on having children and coaching my clients. 

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