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Lee Johnson
Reach Your Potential Triathlon Coaching
Pleasant Grove, UT
  • Personalized coaching
  • Personalized training plans
  • Video swimming and running analysis
  • Performance anxiety and stress reduction
  • Helping people get started exercising
  • Triathlon
  • Duathlon
  • Running, cycling, & swimming endurance events

I started doing endurance events in 2007 as a cyclist.  Since then I discovered running and swimming and really enjoy all three sports.  When people ask me what sport in a triathlon is my favorite, I used to say cycling was my favorite, but I can honestly say I really enjoy all three.  I am also a licensed mental health professional and think the mental side of triathlon and endurance sports is the most neglected aspect of training and racing.  I have spent my whole career helping people make changes in their life and achieve their goals.  This is one reason I became a triathlon coach; to work with people on both aspects.  I have the experience in both the mental and physical side of endurance sports to help you achieve your goals.  Most endurance athletes have a tape-recording that plays in their head when things get tough (e.g. I can't do it, I am weak, or this is too hard).  If the recording plays during training or competition and it is getting in your way, I am the coach for you.  I believe that getting that recording stopped can bring a lot of joy to you and keep you exercising and participating in endurance activities.  Give working with me a try and see how much you can improve!