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Ray D Henderson
Boreas Coaching (Bor-ee-us)
Oakville, WA
Online and in person coaching. This consists of: Swim stroke evaluation Bike fitting and help with bike skills Run form and technique Strength and functional fitness conditioning and instruction. Also preventative exercise.
Started coaching triathletes in 2000. I began with group training programs and expanded to personal coaching. Short distance was where I started but by 2002 I began coaching Ironman distance triathletes. I’ve coached all distances of triathlon and all levels. I’ve also coached some preparing to go into military special operations programs. I’ve also coached some fighters as a conditioning coach helping with weight loss and overall fight conditioning. My forte is Ironman triathletes but as mentioned I coach all distances. Coaching is a part time job for me. I work full time in physical therapy and have found this really helps my athletes.

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