Coach Details

Jeff Lukich
Drive Multisport, LLC
Athens-Augusta Region/ Statewide, GA

I offer full service coaching and training plans for whatever your goals might be. Individualized attention to my athletes is important to me.  All training plans are personalized and monitored based on your ability level and race goals. Coaching Fees: Triathlon- $199-$249 per month. Single-Sport- $160 per month. $175 start up fee.

I offer coaching services for triathlon or single-sport athletes.  From Beginners to serious Age Groupers.  Most coaching services are offer online using training software (Training Peaks), e-mail, Skype, telephone, etc.  Direct, in person sessions can be provide for local/ region athletes. 

Coming from a single-sport running background, 2017 will be my 10th season racing triathlon.  In 2007, I decided to move to multi-sport and have found triathlon to be intense, but very rewarding.  With over 65 races in 9 years, I have raced all distances from Sprint to Ironman.  In 2008, I began long-course racing and as of 2016 I have raced 20+ Half irons (70.3), and 5 Ironmans (IMFL 2010 & 2013, IMLOU 2012, IM Canada 2015, and IMTX 2016).  I am a USAT Level 1, USAC Level 2, USATF Level 1, and a Training Peaks Level 2 Certifed Coach.  I can be a coaching resource for beginners, seasoned athletes, all the way to those wanting to train for ultra-distance evens such as Ironman (140.6).  My passion is to show you what this sport can do for your life.  I can help you train and perform at your full potential, while still focusing on other important aspects of your life such as family and career.