Coach Details

Adam Krueger
Sanford Health Sports Medicine and Sanford POWER center
fargo, ND

Endurance training all sports
experience with analyzing power meter numbers
Weight Training/Resistance training
online training systems
Professional and certified services
Free consultations
V02 max testing
lactate threshold testing
resting energy expenditure testing
high speed camera analysis
running gate analysis

I specialize in any endurance event, triathlon any distance, road racing 5k- ultra marathon

I have been a USA Triathlon level 1 for 3 years and have been coaching athletes for 5 years.  I also am a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditiong coach.  I believe in keeping the athletes healthy and mobile with movement and weight training, if you can't stay healthy you cant RACE!  I primarily use Training Peaks to help my athletes see their progress and give them daily reminders.  the technology is great and almost endless for uses.  I look forward to helping you achieve your Goals!