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David Ciaverella

Summit Performance Coaching

Portland, OR

[email protected]


Personal Coaching utilizing individualized programs unique to each athlete's working environment, abilities, and needs.

Nutrition consultation and development of the most effective nutritional strategies optimal for endurance training and racing.

Long Course Triathlon (70.3)
Ironman Distance
Ultraman Distance
Half Marathon

As a Physician and former elite marathon runner, I have the complete knowledge and understanding of the physiology involved in the most effective methods of endurance coaching. As a Sports Nutrition expert, I have a thorough understanding of the complex physiology involved during endurance events, including nutritional training strategies and recovery. Development of a nutrition strategy incorportated with proper training is vital to success in long course and ironman triathlon.
Personal Accomplishments:
Triathlete Since 2004
Current Age 46
Number of Kona Qualifications = 7
Number of WTC Ironman Division Podium Finishes = 10
Number of WTC 70.3 Division Podium Finishes = 12
Personal Best Ironman (Age 42, 9:11)
Personal Best 70.3 (Age 42, 4:15)
Most Recent Ironman Races 
Ironman Brazil 2010 M45 Champion 29th OA male, 9:25
Ironman Hawaii 2010 M45 50th, 10:15 
Ironman Arizona 2010 M45 5th 9:44
Ironman Texas 2011 M45 Champion 24th OA, 5th Amateur, 9:29
Coaching Stats
Running Coach since 1995, Triathlon Coach since 2007
Number of coached Ironman Hawaii Qualifiers since 2008 = 18 (20% of Athletes)
Number of coached First time Ironman Hawaii Qalifiers since 2008 = 14
Number of coached First time WTC Ironman Podium finishers since 2007 = 12
Number of coached Ironman Personal bests coached since 2008 = 68