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Roberto Florencia

Allen, TX

[email protected]


- Customize training programs
- Running analysis using the latest slow motion software
- One on One training for Swim, Bike and Run
- Lab base HR testing to calculate your Zones for Bike (Power and HR) and Run (Pace and HR)

Coaching Qualifications
- USAT Certified Coach, Level 2
- USA Cycling Level 2 Certified Coach
- USA Cycling Power Certified Coach 

Racing Experience
- 3-time Ironman finisher
- Best Ironman time of 10:06 IM Cozumel 2011
- 5 Time Marathon Finisher
- Boston Marathon Qualifier 2007
- Finished and had fun in more than 50 triathlons

Strengthen the body... Empower the mind ...and ALWAYS race with Heart. Roberto believes that committing to this ideology, success in triathlon is yours for the taking.

Triathlon is more than an endurance sport...it is a lifestyle and an investment in your overall health. The journey can be challenging however the exhilaration of reaching the pinnacle of your endeavors while experiencing fun along the way, is extremely rewarding.

Roberto believes that in order for an athlete to achieve optimal results, the athlete must have the right training plan and coach in order to navigate through the many facets in triathlon training, each requiring equal and uncompromised attention, as well as the necessary tools and tactics to physically challenge the body while strengthening and empowering the mind to train smart and race smart.

Whether you are a beginner embarking on a new journey or a well-seasoned, highly competitive athlete looking to fine tune your training to get to that next level in your athletic career, Roberto believes that with the right training customized to suit your individual needs, any goal is attainable. Communication is paramount in Roberto's relationship with his clients in order to facilitate the athlete in reaching their goals and maximize results