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Joanne Stevens


Bend, OR

[email protected]


Do your first triathlon, improve your next endurance event or get in shape at your own pace, with running, cycling and swimming workouts. Get customized training programs to help you reach your fitness, endurance and triathlon goals. To get started contact Jo Stevens, and we can organize a personalized training program focused at helping you attain your objectives according to your abilities, time constraints, and training preferences.

Jo Coaching training programs are focused on helping you systematically increase your endurance and physical performance. Each plan is engineered around you and your goals. Use your plan to improve fitness, prepare for a specific event or achieve optimum performance for your entire racing season.

Each training plan is carefully organized to help you prepare for a triathlon or endurance event by achieving three objectives:

1. Establish the necessary fitness base
2. Build the necessary endurance capacity and speed work
3. Develop confidence in your physical performance

Certified ITCA Triathlon Coach, USCF Level 1 Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and seasoned Triathlete; Cat 3 Road, Elite Mountain & Cat 1 Cyclo-Cross Racer,  Joanne Stevens can prepare you and coach you through almost any course in the Northwest...she's competed in many of them.

2005 Pro-Elite, Grand Prix Cyclo-Cross, Seattle, 25th
2005 US National Cyclo-Cross Championship, 35-39, 8th
2004 Pro-Elite, Grand Prix Cyclo-Cross, Portland, 20th
2004 US National Cyclo-Cross Championship, 35-39, 8th
2004 Elite Cyclo-Cross State Championship, 5th
2003 Hagg Lake Sprint Triathlon, 1st overall female
2003 Witch City Triathlon, 1st overall female
2003 US National Cyclo-Cross Championship, 35-39, 6th
2001 ITT Oregon State Championship, 2nd
1999 ITT Oregon State Championship, Master 30-35, 1st
1988 Nike World Master RR, Oregon, 5th