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Ken Johnson

3-Fitness & Wellness

Kenosha, WI

[email protected]


Coach Ken offers year-round Individual and group triathlon training through the RecPlex, in Pleasant Prairie, WI, site of the Iron Girl Pleasant Prairie Triathlon, and Pleasant Prairie Triathlon and Junior Triathlon.  In addition to race-specific training (beginning and advanced) for all races, he offer open water swim training, race-overview clinics, race bike course rides, triathlon swim training and swim for fitness classes, triathlon indoor cycling, triathlon brick training, and TRX classes.

3-Fitness & Wellness also offers individualized athlete coaching via the Internet, both annual training plans and monthly coaching. Please note that ALL of our training programs are individual tailored to the specific athlete. Unlike off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all programs that proliferate the web, we'll look at your training base, race goals, and lifestyle to come up with your own specialized training plan for the season.

Online personal training plans and in-person and telephonic wellness coaching services are also available.

3-Fitness specializes in:
  • Beginning and intermediate triathletes
  • Pleasant Prairie Triathlon Race Training
  • Iron Girl Pleasant Prairie Race Training
  • Wisconsin Half Marathon Race Training
  • Ironman Racine 70.3 Race Training
  • TriRock Lake Geneva Race Training
  • Masters, Clydesdales, Athenas
  • Open Water Swimming
  • Swim Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Indoor Cycling
  • First 5K race training
  • NASM Personal Training
  • Training for Weight Loss and Weight Management, Fitness Goals, and Performance Goals
  • Wellness Coaching

Coach Ken Johnson has been a triathlete since 1987, and is triathlon coach and personal trainer at the RecPlex in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin -- site of the Iron Girl Pleasant Prairie Triathlon (and previously Chicagoland Danskin Women's Triathlon & Chicagoland Trek Women's Triathlon) and Pleasant Prairie Triathlons. His credentials include:
  • USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
  • American Swimming Coaches Association Level 1 Coach
  • Wellcoaches Certified Fitness Coach
  • Wellcoaches Certified Wellness Coach
Coach Ken is also the race director for the RecPlexs indoor triathlon series. He has trained athletes from those beginning with sprint triathlon, to those doing Ironman races. He has also trained over 300 women doing their first triathlon, with a 100% finish rate.

Coach Ken is the owner of 3-Fitness & Wellness, in Kenosha, WI.