Coach Details

Mark Janus

PBM Coaching

Smyrna, GA

[email protected]

Mark is passionate about helping others achieve their goals in life, sport and wellness. He understands that the key to optimal athletic performance is finding the right balance between life, work, family and endurance training. Mark enjoys working with people with a wide range of backgrounds from adult onset athletes to those that have played sports from a young age. The same level of attention is given to the ‘I lost a bet’ triathlete as to the highly competitive age-grouper and everyone in between.

Mark’s coaching philosophy is to build top performing endurance athletes through consistency, hard work, and harder recovery. He eliminates the noise so each athlete can focus on training the mind and body to perform at the highest levels.

Mark is available to coach Triathlon - all levels - all distances.

Certifications and Education:

Bachelor Degree in Psychology 1994, Wabash College

USAT Level 1

USMS Level 2