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Bert Windhorst

Bert's Endurance and Strength Training (BEAST Gym Minneapolis)

Hopkins, MN

[email protected]


Endurance Coaching
Group Training
Group Strength
Race Programming
Watts and Power Training
Fluid Cycle Training
Personal Training
Group Rides
Group Runs
Destination Racing

All race levels and distances : Cycling, Running, Swimming, Triathalon, Race Prep, Transition Coaching, Race Day Fuel Preparation 

Former Collegiate Athlete 
Currently compete in all levels of endurance racing.
Endurance Sport Specific Training 
Over 10 years experience of working with all types of athletes.  
From your first race, to breaking a PR at Ironman.  BEAST can help you prepared not just to finish, but to finish strong! 
13,000 Square foot facility with full mens and womens locker rooms conveniently located off Excelsior Blvd and Highway 169 
Periodized strength training and cardiovascular programs designed to build strong lean muscle that can meet all of your demands.