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Ryan Althaus

Sweaty Sheep Ministries/ fca Endurance

Louisville, KY

[email protected]


Endurance athletic coaching, nutrition consultations, motivational speaking, stretching clinics, personal training

Endurance athletics (running specialty) 
I focus on training athletes to race and train by feel over technology.  I strongly believe garmin a, GPS, power meters, etc have made us forget how to listen to our bodies and limit our potential.   We will train using monitors as occasional evaluation and education tools, but the focus will remain on helping you learn to listen to your body not a satillite guided watch!

College: 3 year Xc captain and national 10000 meter championship competitor 
post college: over 30 sub 2:50 marathons, 5 time boston finisher (pr of 2:34)
4 time ironman finisher (pr 9:58.14)

certified international triathlon association coach
certified crossfit instructor 
expired yogacertification
 masters in divinity, ba in English, ba in religion