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Torsten Abel

T3 Torsten Triathlon Training.

San Rafael, CA

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-personalized coaching (T3= 3 different coaching packages, no generic BS) 
-triathlon (individual & club coaching) 
-lactate performance testing service (book me) 
-one on one training opportunities

My communication skills, experience in the sport and wealth of knowledge from training, studying, racing and living with the best athletes and coaches in triathlon are unmatched.

My unrivaled enthusiasm for my athletes and attention to detail deliver outstanding results consistently. 

My mission at T3 [Torsten Triathlon Training] is to develop YOU, the athlete, to achieve your true potential. I create an individual tailored, and result-producing coaching service, that attracts athletes seeking quality, an edge and a forward thinking coaching approach from someone who combines the experience of a (ex) world-class athlete and coach at the same time.

I accomplish this transformation through putting myself into your shoes, communication, years of experience, sports science and a passion for carefully designing the most customized training program, and delivering coaching in a fun, efficient and enjoyable atmosphere.

I believe everything I make, and everything I do must be carefully calibrated for my athlete in order to bring the best out of everyone.


T3 -Torsten Triathlon Training-

T3= "transitioning to the next level"

Elite & Age-Group Triathlon Coach of World & National Champions since 2006.

Started my triathlon career in 1990. 

Germany Junior National Team 1993 

Bavaria Elite Champion 1996 

Professional triathletes 1999 - 2013

Results: 2x top 5 overall European Cup, ITU World Cups (PR 1:49h,31:50min Run), 70.3 (PR 3:46h,2:02h Bike, 1:13h Run), IM (PR 8:16h, 47|4:32h|2:48h), Half-Marathon 68min, TOP 25 pro IM World Championships Kona Hawaii (8:42h w/2:53h MP), 2nd Ironman Canada, 3rd Ironman Arizona.....

Studied Sport Science & Sports Development at Cardiff, University, Wales, UK

Trained with the British Triathlon National Team in Bath, England, and Swansea, Wales from 2000 until 2005.

I received & enjoyed the best coaching one can imagine from a group of international successful coaches from all around the World (Germany, Switzerland, England, Australia, Denmark, USA).

From 1990 until 2013 I competed in over 300+ Triathlons , most of them at the Elite/Pro Level and won over 30 races.

Coaching buisness since 2006

Coaching Honors:

2 x Winner Pro Escape from Alcatraz (Leanda Cave); 
1st ITU Long Course Pro World Championship 2007 (Leanda Cave], 8th Pro IM Kona (Leanda Cave), Pro Triathlete Lisa Ribes Roberts (Arizona State Champion) ;

Age Group Triathlete Podiums over all distances, Medals at US Nationals & World Championship, countless PBs and Ironman Kona Qualifier every year.

Head coach of iRun Triathlon Club Miami, one of the premium clubs in Florida, since January 2016