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Working Triathlete

Westlake, OH
Working Triathlete is a resource to help you assimilate high-performance endurance training into your schedule so that you can devote appropriate energy to all areas of your life, giving you the tools to conquer the competition and the conference room. We offer various membership tiers, including robust One-On-One Coaching by top triathlon coaches, a Training Plan + Team Membership Option, and a WT Team Membership-Only Option. All give you access to our vibrant community and resources like Working Triathlete University, in-person and virtual training sessions, a private forum, weekly webinars, our book club, and team camps. In all cases, membership makes you a part of a diverse group of high-achieving individuals. Enjoy a steady drip of intellectual stimulation as you immerse yourself in bleeding edge endurance science (along with a dose of philosophy), and discover the tools, knowledge, and guidance to reach your potential as a triathlete and human.
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