Triathlon Club Details

Triple Threat Tough

Dallas, TX
The Triple Threat Tough tri team provides opportunities for swimming, biking and running under the watch of certified triathlon coaches. The one common denominator for all Triple Threat Tough athletes is they have a desire to enhance their overall physical fitness and their endurance sport skills in a challenging, but social and un-intimidating environment. By focusing on the beginner and intermediate athlete, Triple Threat attracts a vast array of people. Pure swimmers, cyclists, runners, new general fitness enthusiasts, and your local couch potatoes wanting to change their lifestyle or check an endurance event off their bucket list, all attend group workouts and/or get individualized coaching. The goals of TTT athletes can include anything from losing weight, learning to swim, completing a 5k run, finishing a 100k bike ride, fulfilling a triathlon goal of any distance, becoming an Ironman, or just becoming faster, stronger, better at any or all of the disciplines involved in triathlon (swim, bike, run).
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