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Signing up for an Ironman takes courage. Congratulations to those of you training for this journey.  The growth of Ironman distance races requires us to sign up a year in advance for the more popular races. Registering is exciting and the time available to train seems ample.   As race…

running man

  As humans, we are always looking for improvement. And runners in particular — well we are a stubborn bunch. We want to improve in every way. We want to run faster, run farther, and all without pesky injuries that will sideline us and keep us from meeting our goals.…

Grand Tour

    I often hear from people who ride they put little thought into getting a professional bike fit or take note of their bike set-up. This is a mistake. The reality is that regardless of the amount miles you ride or speed at which you ride, a professional bike…

swimming panic

Swim panic, and associated hyperventilation, is often experienced by both new triathletes and veteran triathletes in cold water. It’s a misnomer this is a concern limited to new triathletes. Dealing with triathlon swim panic is also why some experienced triathletes think twice before committing to cold-water events. Understanding the factors…

celebrities triathlon

  Many celebrities today have proved to all of us that they do not only have a passion for spotlights, but they can take triathlon competitions pretty seriously too.  Some of them, have already proved that when it comes to passions, they can be just like the rest of us.…

breathing techniques

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a professional cycling athlete or just an enthusiast, either way, we’re sure you already know how a bad breathing technique can really damage your overall performance.  Through breathing, your body is supposed to deliver all the necessary oxygen to your muscles in order to…


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