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Celebrities and their triathlon dream come true…

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Many celebrities today have proved to all of us that they do not only have a passion for spotlights, but they can take triathlon competitions pretty seriously too.  Some of them, have already proved that when it comes to passions, they can be just like the rest of us.


Celebrities participating triathlons, or even Ironman which is a triathlon on which every athlete has some specific amounts of miles to do for each triathlon competition  (112  miles  cycling, 2.4 miles swim and 26.3 miles run), have left all of us with some good impression by proving their abilities and commitment. Even though in most cases, their main reason to participate is to raise money for charity. Well, it’s not a bad reason at all…


Here we’ve created a list with some of the most impressive celebrity triathlon competitions:


Gordon Ramsay


gordon ramsay

He has definitely the competition spirit! Not only in the kitchen but as an athlete too. Did you know that he has already completed Ironman back in 2013?


Participating in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, might be his biggest accomplishment beside being one of the world most entertaining chefs. When participating and being able to finish this strong competition, he was 47 years old.


Jennifer Lopez


jennifer lopez


She might be one of the most beautiful actress and singer, making millions each year, but she has already proved us to be a strong competitor when she makes up her mind.


She has completed the Nautica Malibu Triathlon back in 2008 in just 2 hours and 23 minutes, raising over 127,000$ for charity. Her biggest inspirations to participate on that triathlon were her newborn twins. She started training 5 months after she gave birth to them and all the money she collected went to the Children’s Hospital of LA.



Matthew Mcconaughey


mathew mcconaughey


He is one of the best actors with leading roles in some top rated movies. But did you know he’s also a great competitor and knows how to bring his athlete spirit out.


Participating in Nautica Malibu triathlon back in 2008, he was able to finish competition in almost 1 hour and 44 minutes. Pretty impressive right?





Teri HAtcher


teri hatcher


She might be a Desperate Housewife in her TV series, but she certainly is not desperate when it comes to her triathlon competition.


Hetcher was able to complete it in almost 2 hours and 6 minutes when participating on Nautica Malibu Triathlon in 2009.


She admitted to have been trained independently, without the help of any professional coach. Well, she loves to be self-taught and list as many achievements as it can be…



Natalie Morales


Natalie Morales


One of the most famous TV hostesses, Natalie takes triathlons very seriously. She might host The today show, but today, she has in her resume not one, but three completed triathlons.


The first one was the War at the Shore Triathlon in New Jersey. Then,  Malibu Triathlon in CA and also the South Beach Triathlon in Florida. Now this is how you make an impression….



Max Greenfield


max greenfield


The handsome actor in New Girl left us speechless when he was able to participate and finish Nautica Malibu Triathlon back in 2012.  With a lasting time of 2 hours and 49 minutes.


Motivated by his passion for cycling, he took the fourth place in the celebrity male division. Well, celebrity or not, they can be very competitive when it comes to their triathlons.



Melanie Chisholm


melanie chisholm

Being one of the spiciest females on Spice Girls, she has been feeding her soul with a new passion for triathlons.


After a hard period in her life, she now has overcome depression and other physical and mental issues and has been able to finish London Triathlon not only once but twice in a row. You go girl!



Felicity Huffman


felicity huffman


Just like her co-friend, Teri Hatcher, she has proved to all sceptics that she can finish not only one, but six classic triathlons!


Yes, she did. And all during the last 7 years. Her triathlons have never overcome the 1 hour and 48 minutes time!


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