The Rat Snake Triathlon & 18K Trail Run


The Rat Snake :
Triathlon : Reverse Tri: 18K Trail Run, 29 Mile Bike, 26 YARD Swim
The Rat Snake - Trail Run : Off Road
Running : 18K
The Rat Snake - Team Relay :
Triathlon : 2 9K Run Loops, 1 29 Mile Bike, All 3 MUST do the 26 YARD Swim
The Rat Snake - Kids Duathlon :
Duathlon : 1 Mile Run, 1.5 Mile Bike, 1 Mile Run
  • Race Date: Saturday, May 16, 2015
  • Start Time: 8 AM
  • Location:Gilbert Lake State Park
  • Address: 18 CCC Rd
  • City/State/Zip:Laurens , New York 13796
  • Country: USA
The Rat Snake is a physical and mental challenge honoring a great manDr. Ken Stalter.  Ken inspired many people by his personal example.  That example? Pushing himself to be the very best he could be at all endeavors, with no help, with no exceptions.  This challenge is a tribute to him and his unique drive to succeed.  Through this challenge, you will be given the opportunity to imitate his determination.  Because of these attributes, Ken made everything seem possible no matter how hard the race/challenge was that he entered and he instilled this feeling to all who came into contact with him.  Take a look at your choices below.  Do not be intimidated by anything this challenge throws at you as the point of this weekend is to remember a great man who loved a good challenge just to finish it.  And you will see, as all of us who have been inspired by Ken have seen, that the feeling of completing these kinds of challenges are what Ken was all about.  Perpetual forward movement was always his advice.  Here is YOUR chance to experience that. All proceeds from this challenge will go to the charities that Ken supported through all of his journeys.

Course Information:

There will be a CHOICE of 3 DIFFERENT challenges for all competitors on May 18th, race day.  First, you can test yourself in this uniquely styled reverse triathlon (The Full Rat Snake).  Or, running specialists can pick the 18K trail race(The Rat) that will challenge your back-country running skills in Gilbert Lake State Parks nature trails, as a stand alone race.  Lastly, you may enter a team of 3competitors of any gender or combination of gender.  All races will be totally self supported.  With the choice of the race being run in a reverse triathlon format, being run as a stand alone trail run, or working to complete the challenge as a team, there being  a fairly challenging course, and with the challenge being totally self supported, it will truly be a testimony to Kens spirit; a race in which you can fully participate.
The run for both the reverse triathlon and the trail run will be the same 18 kilometer trail course with many rocks, roots, dirt, mud, grass, water crossings, and some pavement.  It will be a 2 loop track that will allow athletes to store fuel in a special needs area so that they do not have to carry all of their energy needs during the run.  With the course being 2 laps, it also makes it spectator friendly as the athletes will venture out of the woods 2 times passing the beachfront area where the start/finish will be located.

Triathletes will continue on to the bike portion which will be a one loop, 29 milecourse that will prove to be very challenging (Course Map/Elevation Profile).  Once you leave the park you will head downhill for a few miles.  Soon you will reach a cutoff road, Balantic Hill,  to route 205.  This is a quick taste of some of the grief to come.  Once down a quick decent, you will then head to 205 southbound.  Here, you will find the courses longest stretch of flat terrain.  You will then turn onto route 23 west and begin a subtle climb for about 8 miles until you reach the top of a very long decent.  At the bottom, you should be totally rested, and you will need it.   After you make a right in Morris onto route 51, you begin a slow climb on undulating roads.  4 miles or so down 51 you will turn right onto route 12.  What wil about to happen will not be pretty.  Once you have survived, you then have the luxury of a downhill finish back into the park.  Again, there will be NO aid stations. The bike portion will be TOTALLY self-supported.


Thirdly for the triathletes, their challenge will finish with a quick 26 YARD swim inGilbert Lake as a simple out and back of 13 yards each way.  No wetsuits allowed!


If you have chosen to be part of a team, you will be one of 3 participants.  You get to chose your challenge of the full Rat Snake course.  Each loop of the run course will be run by 2 different athletes.  After the first runner completes the first loop of the trail run, she/he will swap out with the second runner.  When the second runner finishes the second loop of the trail run, he/she will swap out with the biker who does the WHOLE bike course by her/himself.  All team members must do the swim portion, touching the buoy together, and crossing the finish line together.


For those who do not wish to race, participants have one other option on race day.  Adults and children alike will have the opportunity to do a 3K jog/stroll around scenic Gilbert Lake.  It is a dirt path with some rocks, depressions, and a slight uphill.  This course will be a two loop adventure for all.


Please stick around after your event as there will be FREE BEER and PIG ROAST FOR ALL!!!!!!  This kind of gathering is what it is all aboutremembering Ken!!!  


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