Coach Details

Suzanne Atkinson
Steel City Endurance
Pittsburgh, PA
Monthly personal coaching, $125 with $100 onetime startup fee, unlimited email commication, and phone communication as needed. Athletes are encouraged to concact me with questions about training plans or changes. Personal philosophy: "We are capable of more than we think we are." Working with Outward Bound Wilderness taught me that we can push ourselves far beyond our preconceived physical and emotional limits.
Novice and Intermediate triathletes competing at the sprint and olympic levels.
Suzanne is a former Outward Bound Instructor, now Emergency Room Physician who has been training and competing in triathlons starting in 2002. Her mountain biking background goes back almost 20 years and is the pround owner of a vintage 1990 Bridgestone MB-4. She attended University of PIttsburgh School of Medicine, and is a graduate of the Geisinger Emergency Medicine Residency Program where she worked as a Flight Physician and Course Director for a Wilderness EMT course. Competing and training for triathlons provided her with well needed and well deserved breaks from her medical training program. Mountain biking trails right behind the hospital were daily saving graces. She is now a level I certified USAT coach with a unique perspective on physiology and performace due to her medical background and would like to help others achieve their goals with customized training and maximum performance gains.