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Do You Know Where Sugar Hides?



Sugar….that super addicting (and unfortunately, super delicious) additive that is at the root of so many of our health problems.  While sugar does have a roll, it doesn’t really have a lot of benefit AND it is actually an addicting substance.


Sugar may be used in your favorite recipes (savory or sweet), but that doesn’t mean that we can’t cut considerable sugar from our diets easily.  Let’s take a look at the biggest offenders:



Table Sugar


homemade dessert


Table sugar is the iconic white granulated sugar that every homeowner has in their pantry.  Any time sugar is added to another food, we should probably think twice and ask ourselves if it is necessary or beneficial.


Cutting out table sugar is simple!  Refrain from adding sugar to any beverages (coffee, tea, etc) or on top of any other food items (grapefruit, strawberries, etc).


Eliminating added sugar in our foods is an easy way to dramatically cut back on added sugar consumption and increase the overall health of what we are eating.





Breakfast Cereal/Pastries


breakfast meal


Breakfast cereal and pastries are some of the biggest culprits.  Laden with sugar and added dyes, these cereals and pastries catch childrens’ eyes (and adults too).


Not only are they interesting to look at, they also have a convenience factor that makes them an easy and quick option.  They pack very little nutritional value and more than a daily allotment’s worth of sugar for adults and children alike.


Not to mention, the lack protein and healthy fat, which is essential for starting the day and metabolism off on the right foot.



Sports Drinks/Energy Drinks/Sugared Coffee Drinks


coffee cup


Just when we think we are consuming a healthy beverage, we realize we are really just drinking sugar water!  Steer clear of high-calorie sports and energy drinks and you will decrease your sugar intake dramatically.


Drinking black coffee or coffee with a splash of cream is the best way to boost energy without all of the added calories.


Soda, Lemonade and Juice




Soda is one of the largest contributors to sugar consumption, especially in children.


Not far behind it is lemonade and juices with added sugars.  This category makes up the majority of the sugar we consume in a given day.



What’s worse, these beverages contain almost zero nutritional value.  A better option would be to consume 100% fruit juice, water or milk.



Candy and Baked Goods





It’s no surprise that candy and baked goods make this list.


Laden with sugar and saturated fat, these items are not good for our bodies (especially in large quantities).


Steer clear of these foods whenever possible and choose healthier options.


Hidden Sugars




In addition to the categories listed above, we must also be cognizant of hidden sugars.  These can pop up in marinades, dressings, sauces, and processed foods.  Eat clean and you will naturally eliminate sugar.



Now that know you where it hides, you’ll know how to avoid it.  Eating clean, wholesome foods that are minimally processed is the best way to decrease sugar intake.




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