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What you should know before cycling for weight loss

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If spending hours in a closed gym, trying to desperately lose those extra pounds, seems to be not so effective, then, maybe it’s time for you to make a change. And by that, we mean you should get out and move! Why stick to the same old routine, watching the same walls over and over again, when you get to have all the nature waiting for your outside?


Sometimes, we doubt cycling can actually be an effective way of losing weight. And you know why? Because it is an extremely elementary concept of activity to think it can actually do the trick! We have to admit, changing our workout regimen and expecting the new to be the one who will make all of our expectations come true, is not always the way to go. While making the changes, especially when dropping those weights and hoping on bike, there are some strategies and methods to be followed in order to make this new lifestyle a worthy one.


Before passing to some of the basic things your need to know before making cycling your primary activity, learn how to accept the change. We should all aim to lose weight by still keeping our health and overall well-being in shape! Nothing really matters if we stretch our body to the limits just to lose those pounds. Be patient, eventually, they will be dropped. Cycling and our advices are here to help you achieve that in the best way possible.



Why choose cycling and what can it do


After surpassing the first and most difficult step of choosing to take your training outdoors, comes the next step: Why choose cycling? Well, even though we highly recommend running as well, cycling has some significant advantages towards running that everyone suffering from weight gain should consider. Running is a very high-impact kind of training. It means every single step you take when running, sends impact through your ankles, knees, calves and feet, risking everyone to get injured. On the other hand, cycling is a low impact one. It works as a perfect cardiovascular exercise which burns some serious calories and also, has the ability to strongly work on strengthening our hamstrings, glutes and quads. Cycling does not make you bulky. It has the ability to build some lean and straight muscles without adding excessive mass on them.

The main benefits you get when cycling that another type of exercise can barely have all these at once, are as follows:


  1. Cycling keeps the heart strong without stressing it too much
  2. Cycling burns a high amount of calories without building muscle mass
  3. It builds lean and strong muscles
  4. It makes you social active
  5. Builds a strong immune system and makes the blood flow.
  6. Prevents all kinds of cardiovascular issues and obesity
  7. Keeps you happy by releasing endorphins and getting vitamin D
  8. Is interesting and fun to do
  9. Works on all body parts at the same time


Other changes to be made


As we’ve mentioned above, in the first paragraph, there are some essential changes to be made when considering grabbing that bike and cycle. Whether you’re a beginner trying to follow a goal or have been training for years, there are some things you need to keep in mind:


– The diet you choose plays an important part


Try to always burn more calories than you eat. Eating a healthy, balanced and diverse diet is the best way to go. Never skip a meal, especially breakfast. Try to always take your necessary daily proteins and carbs in order to keep your system moving and working. Control your water intake by properly hydrating. Avoid alcohols, unhealthy snacks and you’re free to go!


– Organize your training and set some realistic goals


We know it’s not that easy to incorporate cycling into your daily schedule but, it’s not impossible. If you want to, you can do it! Whether it means waking up an hour earlier and start pedaling or choosing to ride after work, the important thing is, you cycle. At least 30 minutes a day can really do the trick! Of course, it cannot do the entire trick if you set some unrealistic goals. Cycling is something that requires dedication, sweat and work. No one can expect losing all the unnecessary pounds in just one month.  Good things take time. But you know what? Cycling is totally worth the wait!


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